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Cees van Leeuwen

Cees van Leeuwen, MSc LLM has been working in the field of HR for 30 years; first as labour law counsellor, later as mediator and finally as an executive searcher, which occupation has stolen his heart. He finds positive stimulation in helping people take the next step in their personal and professional lives – and gaining more satisfaction in both.

Cees loves a challenge; this is evident in his career. In the seventies, he found fame as bass player for the popular group Kayak (see http://iturl.nl/snG5t) and co-wrote hits like ‘Wintertime’ and ‘See the sun’.

Cees studied Cultural Anthropology and Law. After, he worked as a successful lawyer for 20 years, specialised in labour law and entertainment law. There are only a handful of Dutch artists who have never been a client of his.

In 2002, he unexpectedly stepped into the limelight as State Secretary for Culture and Media in the Balkenende I government. Since then, he has been handling several (watchdog) functions in the private sector and in government. He has also been a long-standing Chairman of the Franz Liszt International Piano Concourse. He has tens of publications to his name, among which several books in the area of labour law and entertainment law.

As a sought-after Chairman both in the Netherlands and internationally, he has gained fame through his natural and lively presence, through which he establishes a connection between speakers and audience. He is fascinated by all aspects of the process of establishing the ‘click’ between people, and especially by the influence of emotions in this process. Cees’ qualities as connector and listener make him a successful Head Hunter. He enjoys the daily search to connect people on their way to a new adventure and a new future. He operates from his own experience and inspiration.


Cees van Leeuwen


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