Executive Search

Executive Search

Executive Search is a an executive search firm which is built upon the fundamental principle of customised work and 'people work'. We aim for a high level of results and we are typical matchmakers: always searching to seek an optimal connection between great people and interesting work. Our approach is research-driven and here we use our extensive network and product knowledge in Legal, Corporate, Business Consultancy,Sales and Marketing, FMCG,  ICT, Tecnology and Health Care.


At La Search, we are very enthusiastic to meet with innovative and interesting individuals. Because of our genuine interest in human motivation, people will quickly feel at ease in our fulfillment process. Our strong point is that our job encompasses a more personal role than usual, requiring us to perform as business advisors and as matchmakers on issues such as the connection between people and organizations and requiring us to sense the chemistry between a candidate and potential employers. By incorporating these personal values into our hiring process, we are fully capable of finding the right people to optimize and complement every factor of knowledge, skills and attitudes as a whole.

We understand the various company cultures inside and out, which makes it easy for us to fulfill a great range of different organizational structures, departments and positions. Before accepting an assignment, we extensively research the situation and its desired profile. Because of our expertise, we are capable of providing consultancy regarding the position, the type of candidate and a commensurate financial reward. In addition, we will always be closely involved in the dialogue between a candidate and the employer, until the final decision has been made.

Our approach is communication-driven. We understand the art of both asking questions and of listening. That is the view of our principals and our candidates. In this manner we are able to develop long-term relationships with our client partners and candidates. Through this kind of executive search, we instinctively know which candidate will fit which organization/company in the best manner. Involvement and feeling are indispensable when searching for the perfect match. Listening is part of the fundamental principle of our working method. Vigor, responsibility and our pro-active attitude are vital aspects of the way we successfully complete our assignments.


La Search receives assignments from leading organizations in search of entrepreneurial, highly educated professionals and executives. Our assignments fit perfectly with the ambition and potential of our target markets: roles in which candidates will have an impact and in which they can develop further; carry out duties under serious attention of senior management and of vital importance to the organization.